The Corporation's Board of Directors and Audit Committee have adopted an audit committee charter in accordance with National Instrument 52-110- Audit Committees ("NI 52-110"). The Audit committee is comprised of three members of the Board of Directors, namely Steven Saviuk, Tim Cunningham and Howard Walthall.

The Audit Committee is appointed by the Board to assist in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities of the Corporation. In so doing, the Committee provides an avenue of communication among the independent auditors, management, and the Board.

The Committee's primary duties and responsibilities are to gain reasonable assurance of the following:

  • That the Corporation complies with the applicable laws, regulations, rules, policies and other requirements of governments, regulatory agencies and stock exchanges relating to financial reporting and disclosure;
  • The independence and satisfactory performance of duties by the Corporation's independent auditors;
  • That the accounting principles, significant judgments and disclosures that underlie or are incorporated in the Corporation's financial statements are the most appropriate in the prevailing circumstances;
  • That the Corporation's quarterly and annual financial statements present fairly the Corporation's financial position and performance in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles; and
  • That appropriate information concerning the financial position and performance of the Corporation is disseminated to the public in a timely manner.